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Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off

Posted by Crystal Carr on 6/19/2018 to News
Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off
Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "how can I make my home more country retro-chic on a budget?"

I haven't, to be honest... but if you have, or if you want to fix an old barn door without paying through the nose, we have pulleys that can help!

In the Groove: The Best Pulley for your V-Belt

Posted by Crystal Car on 6/12/2018 to Guides
In the Groove: The Best Pulley for your V-Belt
When you’re searching for a general purpose drive or idler, the most difficult and confusing part can be determining how a specific pulley will work with your belt.

Most of us are not designing machinery to precisely traverse interdimensional portals into alternate realities. Probably. So an engineering degree is not necessary to pick out most replacement pulleys.

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturers and You

Posted by Crystal Carr on 5/25/2018 to News
It’s all over our site, it’s all over every site you’ve looked at so far this morning on what is turning out to be more annoying than that homework assignment you didn’t do in high school. Genuine OEM Replacement. What’s it all mean? Why does it matter? Let’s get into some weeds and rip them outta the dirt.

Customize Your Pulley: How to use Multiple Bore Options

Posted by Crystal Carr on 4/26/2018 to News

Many of our customers are building custom jobs in their workshop or fixing their busted equipment. Electric motors Fan systems, compressors, old lawnmowers, or innovations in perpetual motion?  Sometimes a standard pulley is just not going to work. Phoenix is your one-stop for idlers and drives, sure, but we also don’t want inventory rows that go on and on forever.

This brings us to the happy solution: Multiple Bore Options.

What does it mean for you? How does it work? Why do we have so many options? Let’s bore deep into this topic!

Filter your Search results for the Ultimate in Pulley Choice!

Posted by Crystal Carr on 4/18/2018 to News

It’s the long awaited sequel to the smash hit, How to Find the Right Replacement Pulley: Trim Down Your Search Results!

Let’s say you’re working on a new project and don’t have one specific pulley in mind. Maybe you have an inch or two of give on the Outside Diameter of your drive sheave, but it has to fit on a 1” shaft. Unfortunately, searching for “5-6 drive 1 ID” isn’t going to get you any useful results. The internet might think you’re looking to go somewhere on May 6 under an assumed name.

How to Find the Right Replacement Pulley: Trim Down Your Search Results

Posted by Crystal Carr on 4/10/2018 to News

So, you’re looking for a pulley, and finally you’ve come to the right place – Phoenix: Pulleys Bearings & Belts are the experts you’ve been dreaming of for years, we’ve got more pulleys for sale than you can throw a belt at!

You may have been searching for hours by this point, and are plain fed up with the internet in general -  so we’ve compiled here a few tips for navigating our site to take away some of the tension you’re feeling.

The good news? You’ve already completed Step 1 by coming to the best place online for replacement pulleys in lawn mowers, snow blowers, and small engines.

Welcome to the New Phoenix Pulleys Website!

Posted by Karen West on 3/21/2018 to News
We at Phoenix Pulleys, Bearings & Belts have had a busy past few months! We know you love ordering replacement parts from Phoenix Pulleys and we've made upgrades to our site to make it easier for you!