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What is a Drive Pulley?

Posted by on 10/22/2018 to Guides
What is a Drive Pulley?
You know the thing you're holding is a v-groove drive pulley because that's what your owner manual says. But what is a drive pulley, anyway?

A drive pulley is a pulley that is attached to a power source, that when in use puts force on a belt (or cable or chain). The belt is connected to an output, which will then spin. This is called power transmission.

All by themselves, they won't give you the drive to wake up early and use your snowblower and clear the driveway, but used with other components, they'll sure make the job easier!

End-of-the-Season Mower Maintenance

Posted by on 10/16/2018 to Guides
End-of-the-Season Mower Maintenance

You care about your zero-turn mower’s wellbeing – it’s been providing a smooth cut of your grass all summer – making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. So you know it deserves a good thorough cleaning before it beds down for winter.  Did you know that grass stops growing at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit? Up north in the beautiful White Mountains, New Hampshire has just had its very first frost of the season: No mow summer for us, that’s for sure.

For us, it’s time to turn in our pruning sheers and our beautifully manicured lawns and start prepping for the long winter ahead.  That includes some outdoor power equipment maintenance. Are you asking yourself, “What kind of maintenance does my lawnmower need before winter?”

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