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Idler Pulleys vs Drive Pulleys: What is the difference?

Posted by on 12/31/2018 to Guides

What is an Idler Pulley?

Posted by on 12/18/2018
What is an Idler Pulley?

So you know you have to replace a pulley on your snowblower because of some extensive online research, but you're not sure what kind you have. At first you thought maybe it was a drive pulley, but after looking at it closely, you can tell it's got some pretty key differences.

The root of the word "idler" has a couple of different meanings - the one most of us use daily refers to people who are lazy, or activities that are pointless. I have good news for you, idler pulleys are neither lazy nor pointless, and if you take all of the idleness out of your lawnmower, it will break!

Let's get our bearings together and find out all about idler pulleys!