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What is a pulley?

Posted by on 6/26/2018 to News

Have you ever heard of a simple machine? It’s something you might have been quizzed on in middle school, but don’t worry, just by reading this blog, you’ll get a gold star for the day! Every day, you interact with simple machines, from opening your bedroom door (wheel-and-axle doorknob) to using a knife to slice your bagel (wedge).

They're in your car, your home, and even your own body. Here, for instance, is a lever:


Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off

Posted by on 6/19/2018 to News
Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off
Do you have an old barn with a busted door hanging on old, clunky rollers? Or, similarly, an upscale loft in the middle of an urban landscape, but you've been thinking about how you'd like to be more country retro-chic on a  budget?

You're in luck! We have pulleys that can help!

Selecting a Pulley for your V-Belt

Posted by on 6/12/2018 to Guides
Selecting a Pulley for your V-Belt
When you’re searching for a general purpose drive or idler, the most difficult and confusing part can be determining how a specific pulley will work with your belt.

Most of us are not designing machinery to precisely traverse interdimensional portals into alternate realities. Probably. So an engineering degree is not necessary to pick out most replacement pulleys.