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In Engineers We Trust

Posted by on 7/18/2018 to News

Here at Phoenix, we get a lot of calls to 1-800-776-9315. People wanting to make sure they have found the right Genuine OEM Replacement Pulley for their Scag mower, needing help measuring their pulley, or wanting to verify stock on our timing pulleys. We love these calls. We are happy to help with these kinds of questions at any hour of the day.

We also get the occasional email or phone call requesting advise on which size pulley to use when starting a new project. A recent caller with just such a question turned out to be designing an industrial automatic coffee grinder. Our intrepid innovators usually begin with, “I’ve got a 5 horsepower motor with a ¾” shaft, and I want to know what size pulleys to buy to get 300 RPM.”

Pulleys in Power Transmission

Posted by on 7/3/2018 to News
As discussed in the previous riveting[1] article, there are really two main pulley “types”. See "What is a pulley?" for more info.

The most commonly seen in your day-to-day is the pulley used to move objects from one place to another, typically in block-and-tackle format and using a rope or wire that is pulled. For example, if you've ever gone zip lining, you might have been using a system sort of like that.

plastic wire pulley designed for ziplining or exercise equipment