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Introducing: Phoenix Distribution

Posted by Karen West on 11/27/2018 to News
Introducing: Phoenix Distribution
Phoenix Pulleys, Bearings & Belts has been your trusted source for mechanical motion replacement parts for years - but we do more than just sell pulleys, bearings and belts! We are a nationwide distributor for domestic and international supplier of various mechanical motion parts and we also offer various value-added services to help Suppliers, Retailers, OEMs and Distributors sell to more customers!

What Phoenix Distribution Can Do for Suppliers

We sell to a wide variety of customers including Retailers, OEMs and Distributors as well as directly to consumers via E-Commerce and are an experienced service provider for parts manufacturers looking for solutions for order fulfillment, sales support, retail tagging, stocking programs and parts customization.

Our Services Benefits Include:

  • Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment
  • Same Day Order Turnaround
  • Returns Processing
  • Retail Barcode Packaging
  • Customer Service Support
Contact us at [email protected]oenix-mfg.com.

What Phoenix Distribution Can Do for Retailers

Our Phoenix Pulleys, Bearings & Belts products are sold at over 2,000 retail locations nationwide. We offer a large line of replacements parts and we are constantly expanding into new product lines! Some of our more popular lines include:

Multi Purpose Drive and Idler Pulleys
General purpose pulleys for electrical motors for use in Agriculture Equipment, Outdoor Power Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Electrical Motors and More!

Bore Adapters
To allow customization of idler pulley bore diameters - offers wider range of options to maximize shelf space

OEM Replacement Pulleys & Belts
For popular Outdoor Power Equipment brands

V-Groove Belts

OEM Replacement Mower Blades

We also offer value-added services for our retail customers including:
  • Special Orders
  • Private Label Branding
  • Customer Support
  • Retail-Barcode Packaging
  • Drop-Shipments
  • Returns Processing
  • Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment
Contact us at [email protected].

What Phoenix Distribution Can Do For OEMs
  • Blanket Orders
  • Stocking Programs
  • Next Day Order Turnaround
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity Requirements
Contact us at [email protected].

What Phoenix Distribution Can Do for Distributors
  • Special Orders
  • Same Day or Next Day Order Turnaround
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity Requirements
  • Product Assistance
Contact us at [email protected].

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